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GROK?! is an adventure role-playing game where you assume the role of an adventurer in a gonzo world of boundless plausibility and use your ingenuity and resourcefulness to overcome strange and perilous threats.

Inspired by the core tenants of old-school adventure games, GROK?! was influenced by greater works such as Cortex Prime, Electric Bastionland, Fate Core, Freeform Universal, Index Card RPG, Knave, Numenera, Savage Worlds, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Technoir, Troika!, and Vagabonds of Dyfed.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tagsgonzo, Minimalist, OSR


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Digital Copy of Grok?!

Get the digital copy of the game, including:

  • GROK?! Digital Rulebook
  • GROK?! B&W Printable Rulebook
  • Form Fillable Character Sheet
  • PDF of (6) Color and B&W Notecards
  • Digital Quickstart Guide

You will get access to the following files:

GROK_Notecard_V1_BW.pdf 1 MB
GROK_Notecard_V1_COLOR.pdf 2 MB
GROK_Notecard_V2_BW.pdf 1 MB
GROK_Notecard_V2_COLOR.pdf 2 MB
GROK_Notecard_V3_BW.pdf 1 MB
GROK_Notecard_V3_COLOR.pdf 3 MB
GROK_Notecard_V4_BW.pdf 1 MB
GROK_Notecard_V4_COLOR.pdf 4 MB
GROK_Notecard_V5_BW.pdf 1 MB
GROK_Notecard_V5_COLOR.pdf 3 MB
GROK_Notecard_V6_BW.pdf 752 kB
GROK_Notecard_V6_COLOR.pdf 3 MB
GROK_Rulebook_BW_5.11.22.pdf 14 MB
GROK_Rulebook_COLOR_5.11.22.pdf 33 MB
GROK_CharacterSheet_Fillable.pdf 188 kB

Download demo

GROK_CharacterSheet.pdf 249 kB
GROK_QuickStartGuide.pdf 239 kB


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Hi there,
I just purchased the Grok bundle but I noticed that the rulebook PDF ends at 33 pages even tho Acrobat says the PDF if 40 pages; yet it appear to be complete? Can you clarify if this is correct? Thanks!

33 interior pages, not including front/back covers, credits, table of contents, and such. You got the whole kit and kaboodle :)

Thanks for the quick reply!

Thanks for picking up Grok?! !


I ordered the POD on Drive Thru as well. :D

Made a random character generator, so it only takes half the time to make one now: https://perchance.org/grok-pc

Rad!! Thanks for putting that together!

I really like how you mesh the traits into a single statement.

Hey could you post another fresh link yhe the discord? The one below expired

This one is a permanent link and shouldn't expire. Sorry about that, and thanks for the comment!


I'm always having fun whenever I take the game for a spin. Recently, I've been thinking about sort of a ''Grok?! Hero edition'' that introduces some tactical elements, but it's fairly vague at this point.

Is the Discord server still up? The link on the kickstarter page doesn't seem to work.


Glad to hear, thanks for the comment! Here's a fresh link to the discord, and I can't wait to hear what you have in mind!


(2 edits) (+1)

Genuine OSR feel, the gm-relief of Knave, all the flexibility of Fate and Cortex,  all the wildness of Troika, all the simplicity of FU, and so easily hackable and tack on-able, that at the end, I can do anything with this game, and handle it in a truly simulationist manner. Less is more in this case. Right in line with the FKR. I ran a oneshot game with my uncle as my player a while back, turnwd out great. System was easy to well, grok, on quick and fundamental level. I've also played it solo and plan on doing much more of such. I've also gone out my way to make new rules, like sanity, corruption, a custom hp system, reworked sequencing, saves, and what I like to call "special conditions"(conditions that temporarily lower an attribute value). I don't use or plan on using all of these all of the time, I like the game as is, but it just goes to show how easy you can add. I've also made very simple solo rules, which are placeholders till you make yours, as I remember you talking about them on reddit. Overall, literal 10/10 game, deserves to go down in history as a masterwork.

Also, as for the next solo game I'm going to do, I'm gonna play in a homebrew setting, and I'm going to play a shapeshifting dragon going around as a troubleshooter and justice bringer. I wanted to do this in fate, but it would've taken making whole extras and stunts and way too much work. Here, I can just have the traits and assets, and figure out a simple mechanic for transforming, like an attribite roll, or having some requirement or limitations both ways, as I want for there to be a chance for the character to be stuck in his true form for a bit.


This is so awesome, thank you so much for the feedback and encouragement!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on what types of tools you'd find most helpful for soloplay., And I'm over the moon that you're getting enjoyment out of the game.



Honestly the best OSR game of 2022, possibly of the 2020s. Very original, very unique system, feels like Vagabonds of Dyfed but  more concrete. LOVE IT!


Thanks a lot for the kind words!!!! 


I LOVE GROK?! It is honestly fantastic without pretension or artifice. Simply delightful game design all around


Thanks a lot!! I really appreciate your kind words, and I'm glad you're getting a lot out of the game :)